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Julie Wilcox, MS, ERYT

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

Julie Wilcox

Healing Services

Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Counseling

Psychosynthesis, formulated by Robert Assagioli, MD, is a spiritual psychology that explores our natural tendency toward harmony. It combines Western analytic depth psychology with Eastern meditative psychology in a way that allows us to access wholeness and harmony.  Contact Julie at 850.533.9999 to schedule a session.

Energy Therapy

Based on the body's subtle energy anatomy, this process clears and balances the energy channels and may include work both on and off the body. Through knowledge of the body's energy centers, personal and spiritual power is developed. The mental and emotional bodies are harmonized and balanced, yielding a stronger command of life's variables.  Contact Julie at 850.533.9999 to schedule a session.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Based on the belief that true healing takes place from the inside out, yoga therapy combines assisted yoga postures with elements of bodymind psychology. Through guided breathing, assisted yoga postures and with awareness focused on body sensations, inner wisdom connects with current life issues. This leads to a sense of well being and heightened clarity about life's journey.  Contact Julie at 850.533.9999.